Leveling from 1-10 and 2 Shaman Quests

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Due to me being a Troll Shaman (yes I like trolls!) I will mostly write from a Troll perspective.

Once you’ve created your new Shaman you start out with your adventure in the Valley of Trials. A starting area that is shared between Orcs and Trolls. Pick up all the quests there and just start working on them. If all goes correctly you will be halfway through with level 5 or even hit level 6 once you’re done with them. This will open up the first shaman quest.

Gaining your Earth Totems
The first shaman quest is the quest to obtain your Earth totems. In total there are four kinds of totems, Earth/Fire/Water/Air and Earth is the first one you learn. The quest that starts the obtaining of the Earth Totem is (how suprising) “Call of Earth“, the first part of this quest requires you to kill Felstalkers in the same cave where the little Vile Familiars are. They will drop hooves which you need to bring back to your shaman trainer. For the second part of the quest your trainer will make you an Earth Sapta (juicy stuff, will make you get high and then you see spirits… sounds very nasty!). With the Earth Sapta in your bags, make your way to the hidden path which is behind the main camp. You’ll see the hidden path between two Lazy Peons (see blue line). Go up there and follow it all the way to a large stone. Drink your Earth Sapta, a giant Earth Elemental appears, talk to him and return to your trainer. Congratulations, you can now use Earth Totems!

After this adventure just continue on questing by the quests you’re given. I recommend doing the Echo Isles quests since they are still doable now. In a few weeks (I think) the event for recapturing the Echo Isles will be released and after that the old quests for there will be gone. So if you wanna see some lore still, do the Echo Isles quests. When leveling up to level 10, another Shaman Quest will be given to you. This time by the trainer in Razor Hill.

Gaining your Fire Totems
The second shaman quest that opens up is the quest for Fire Totems. This questline however is a bit longer than the Earth Totems one. This quest is obtainable from multiple NPC’s but as Troll you most likely will get it from the guy in Razor Hill. The questchain is called “Call of Fire” (how surprising again). The first part will ask you to look up a guy in the Barrens. He’s very easy to find, just north of the Crossroads in a high building. He will give you a torch which you have to take back to Durotar, up a mountain to the shrine of Fire. There a guy will send you down the mountain again to get tar from the piggy creatures (yes I call them piggy creatures) in the Barrens and a Reagent Pouch from Burning Blade Members who inhabit a cave above the path from Razorhill to Orgrimmar. When you’ve obtained those, you go back to the mountain where you next have to summon a Fire Elemental, kill it, obtain an item and go back to the first guy in the Barrens you were told to go to. All in all this is a shitty questline, making you run back and forth between the Barrens and Durotar and will most likely send you to your doom as the path up the mountain to the shrine is quite steep and you can easily fall off.

By the end of these trials you will certainly be a good way into level 10, maybe even dinged 11 and you will have not 1 but 2 types of totems to summon, this also concludes the leveling guide from 1-10. See you in the next episode of Leveling. From 11-20 and another Shaman Quest.


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