Using Totems While Leveling

June 29, 2010 at 12:59 | Posted in Leveling | 7 Comments

Totems, the most promiment feature of a Shaman. They are unique per class, in my opionion the Troll ones look awesome hihi.
They give nice buffs, provide for some health and mana, summon Elementals to fight for you or make sure you can escape when you (accidentally?) overpulled to many mobs. Especially that last bit will help you get through the lower levels.

Ideally, you should put your totems down all the time. They are just that usefull. However, on the lower levels, especially up to level 20 about, putting down Totems is (in my honest opinion) a waste of mana. Except for the Earthbind Totem which slows your attackers and therefore let’s you escape nasty things.
When you are low level, your mana pool isn’t that big. Especially for all you folks leveling without leveling gear. Putting totems down every pull will drain your  mana faster than Cookiemonster can eat a bag of Chocolate Chip Cookies. Why then do you learn totems so early on? Because from about level 20 onwards, when you learn water totems and your water shield, it gets beneficial to put your totems down because you have the mana to support it. And from level 30 on you get an ability that will give you mana back when you resummon your totems. I will discuss that in more detail in the Leveling section tho.

All in all, totems are a fun tool. When you’re leveling up to level 20 you have to think of them as lifesavers, used when you’re in dire trouble. From about level 20 on they become indispensable tools helping to get the best out of your shaman. And you must admit, they look hella funny no?



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  2. When leveling a shammie I generally try to place my totems in an area in the centre of the creep I’m about to farm and pulling them into the totem range. This saves a lot of retotemage at lower levels.

    • I think that also depends on the area you’re leveling in. In the Barrens for instance most of the mobs are quite widely spread. You’re faster off not dropping totems at all than running back and forth trying to get them to come to you :>

  3. *trawls through memories of 6 months ago* I think I tended to forgoe them on single kills, but if mobs were positioned within range of a Lightning Bolt I’d slap ’em down. I think totems get more integral with Watershield/glyphs and Mana Spring, as that totem at least helps your uptime. Other than that, Fire Nova makes AoE farming a lot more fun.

  4. Seconding the comment about plopping totems in a position where you can sit and turret down several mobs with minimal movement. That’s how I remember using them when I leveled…which was during BC, when you had to level as enhance with a 2 hander since you would go oom after killing 2 mobs with LB spam (I have recently farted around on lowbie shaman and found that LB is MUCH more mana efficient early on now than it was 2+ years ago).

    For having to run all over the place and kill stuff, totems can be cumbersome, though. 😦

    • Well with the change to Fire Nova it is more beneficial to just plop down some totems in an area where you know there are a lot of mobs to kill in a relatively small area. However, in my own experience and with quests which involve killing mobs spread out over a large area it’s just mana consuming to use your totems untill you have better mana management through (among other things) Water Shield and Mana Spring Totem.
      Gaining gear with lots of intellect helps too ^^

      • See, back in my day, there was no water shield, not until level 62 at least, and lightning shield COST mana to keep up!

        *insert something about walking in snow backwards uphill both ways here* 😛

        I’m just happy to see that elemental is a viable leveling option, which when I created my very first shaman during vanilla, it was a laughing stock (put it this way, spell power didn’t exist as a stat back then o.o).

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