Shields, Shocks and Other Specials

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Now that we have landed at level 20, there is a wider array of spells and abilities available to our newbie shaman. The third kind of totems (Water) are now under my control aswell as a new type of shield (Water Shield) and a new type of Shock (Frost Shock). You will also have your Ghost Wolf Form and 3 types of Weapon Enchants. Now how do all these things work? Let’s take a closer look at them.


  • Earth Shock: A shock that deals instant damage. Probably the most damage of all shocks. Consider this as finishing move. Is the target on low health and are your shocks available? Don’t hesitate to use Earth Shock. It deals enough damage to finish the target off without a cast time!
  • Flame Shock: The most important shock for an Elemental Shaman later on since it boosts Lava Burst. For lower levels use it after your first lightning bolt (or even before). It puts a DoT (Damage Over Time) on your target which ticks for nice amounts.
  • Frost Shock: A damage dealing slow. Think of it as a mechanism to slow a target that stands far away so you will have more time to cast spells on them. It’s also a very usefull tool if you want to kite a target away from a group, keep Frost Shocking it, it will come after you, and kill it while kiting it away.
  • Wind Shear: A shock that deals no damage but lowers your threat, and more importantly interrupts spellcasting. Seeing a healer casting a heal? Wind Shear and it will be interrupted. Same goes for nasty caster mobs or other players (like mages) who you want to interrupt.


  • Lightning Shield: The first Shield you’ve learned. It damages attackers when they attack you with a ranged or melee attack. Very nice, especially for Enhancement Shamans. You will use this as Elemental up untill level 20, after that Water Shield becomes more important.
  • Water Shield: The most important Shield for an Elemental Shaman. Water Shield summons 3 balls of water flowing around you and give you a number of mp5 (mana per 5 seconds), the first rank will give you 10 mana every 5 seconds. Whenever you’re hit by an attack, one of the balls will disappear and you will regain mana. This is a great way to manage your mana better as Elemental Shaman. Remember to keep the shield up tho! Bind the spell to an easy to reach button. I myself bound it to my 4th mousebutton which is under my thumb so that when the shield ends (or when you’ve ben hit 3 times and it disappears) I only have to click on that button and tadaa it’s back!

Ghost Wolf
Ghost Wolf is probably the only shapeshift next to Druid shapeshifts. It will give you a movement speed increase, but can only be used outside! Very nice to move around as when you don’t have a mount yet. After you’ve gotten your mount it’s still very usefull. When you overpull, just put down an Earthbind Totem, switch to Ghost Wolf form and run like hell. Even when the totem gets destroyed you have an advantage due to the movement speed increase Ghost Wolf provides you with. For PvP the form is also very nice since it allows you to carry the flag in Warsong Gulch and still outrun the poor creatures that do not posses a shapeshift.

Elemental Weapons

  • Rockbiter Weapon: A Shaman only Weapon “enchant” which imbues your weapon with the essence of Earth. This enchant will increase the DPS on a Shaman’s weapon. Very usefull for Enhancement at lower levels. For Elemental, not so much, after all they don’t use their weapons for melee!
  • Flametongue Weapon: A Weapon Enchant that will increase the Shaman’s spellpower (and crit if you Glyph for it). This is the enchant where Elemental Shamans will go for. A spellpower increase means your spells will do more damage and more spelldamage is good!
  • Frostbrand Weapon: An enchant that imbues your weapon with Frost, slowing attackers when hit. This does require them to be actually get hit by the weapon, so again not so usefull for an Elemental Shaman since they cast spells.

As you can see, even at level 20 a Shaman has plenty of spells and abilities to choose from. Some are viable for Enhancement, others for Elemental. All in all you have a nice array of abilities to be succesful in killing mobs. I hope the above gives a bit of an explanation how to use certain spells since having so much to choose from early on can get a little overwhelming. Cya on the journey to level 30!


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