Blizzchat Elemental Shaman Q&A

July 17, 2010 at 16:03 | Posted in Cataclysm | 1 Comment

Last night was the Blizzard Developers Q&A in which they took questions of Class/Talent/Mastery’s in Cataclysm. Unfortunately there weren’t many Shaman questions and actually only 2 that regard Elemental Shamans. Funny enough the only real Elemental Focused question was actually from me o.o So here are the questions with Blizzards answers and my opinions on it.

Q. With the new implemented Lava Surge, will Chain Lightning become useful for multiple mobs only?
A. It always has had, and will continue to have, some niche use as a gap-filler against single targets when Lava Burst has around a second left on its cooldown. Lava Surge won’t always proc, but it’s likely to be more of a multi-target ability, yes.

Well there has been some movies and rumours about the new Elemental Shaman rotation on the beta. I’m trying it out myself actually and from what I’ve noticed (like the rest) is that Chain Lightning has almost become obsolete in dealing with single targets so I decided to ask what Blizzard’s view on the use of Chain Lightning is. As seen above they still see it as a gap filler on single targets but do admit that it has more usability on Multiple targets then on single targets. I think that it will eventually become a “trash” spell only unless they nerf the procrate of Lava Surge which at the moment is quite high.

Q. Are there any plans of making totems utility only (e.g. Earthbind, Grounding) and turning buff totems into auras or cast buffs?
A. Not at this time. We’re aware of the concerns regarding the use of buff totems among some shaman, but the positional aspect is something that we consider inherent to the nature of totems. By increasing totem durations, consolidating some buff totems, and introducing the multi-drop totem spells in Wrath of the Lich King, we’ve attempted to mitigate as much of the inconvenience as possible, while preserving the core gameplay of paying attention to where totems are being dropped.

I have to agree with the blue on this. Totems is essentially what makes a Shaman a Shaman. Removing the “buff” totems making them an aura takes the sparkle away from the Shaman-ness. So I like that they keep the Totems the way they are.

Due to this being an Elemental blog I won’t go into the other questions about Enhancement or Resto shamans since I know fuckall about those speccs and it’s not really the main focus off this blog. Again remember, we’re only in the first month of the beta, lots of talents and abilities are likely to change and this Q&A maybe provides a nice insight in some stuff but it can change at any time.

The quoted questions are copied of who have put them all nicely under their respective category.


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