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July 19, 2010 at 17:01 | Posted in Announcement | Leave a comment

As you might have noticed, a (not so) little button appeared on the right side of my Blog under the comment: You can find me at. This button will take you to the WoWCentric site. This site is brand new (as in so new that you still burn your fingers on it) and acts as a “portal” of sorts to blogs and podcasts related to WoW.

The project was an initiative from the makers of Raidwarning Podcasts and their goal is to get a simple overview on what blogs and podcasts are out there concerning the World of Warcraft. All blogs are categorized under the subject which they refer to the most. This particular blog of mine is filed under Shaman Blogs, but if I ever decide to talk about PvPing on a Shaman it will fall under Shaman/PvP. If you want to find out precisely how it all works, by all means click my button to visit their site. If you have a blog of your own you can submit it through a mail to: . Don’t forget to include what class/aspect of WoW your blog is about!

Just a last minute warning. The site is still in it’s beta so some stuff is not working yet or not implemented yet. That said, I hope it will be a big succes (it probably will :>). Hope to see you soon on WoWCentric!


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