Speccing Your Shaman Guide: Level 20

July 20, 2010 at 19:03 | Posted in Guides | 1 Comment

Wow, long title is long o.O, it’s however the best way I could put it.
This being a levelling blog I can’t ofcourse just skip one of the most important aspects of playing your char. That is: Deciding what to specc and why. Due to the fact that we have recently reached level 20, I’m going to talk about the specc to choose for (yesyes) level 20.

As you may know, or may not know, this is an Elemental Shaman leveling blog so the specc I will be looking at is a levelling specc for ELEMENTAL. This means that the first point you spend (which you get at level 10) will be in the Elemental tree and all other points will for the most part be in the Elemental tree up untill about level 65-70ish.

Let’s get started shall we? 😀
When you press the “N” button on your character the talents tab will appear. The first time this talents tab will become available will be at leve 10. From then on you can put points in various talents that you want to obtain. You get one new point every level from level 10 on which gives you 71 points to spend at level 80. When you are leveling an Elemental Shaman you should ofcourse be spending your points in the Elemental Tree. And (like I said before) because we have officially landed at level 20, I’ll give some hints to what a specc at level 20 should look like. I will do the same at level 30,40,50,60,70 and finally 80 where I’ll also go into the best raiding specc. But first let’s start off with what your Elemental specc should look like around level 20.

This fragment is taken off the TalentCalculator you can find on the WoWarmory. As you can see the required level for that amount of points is level 20 and I have spent my points 11/0/0 which means 11 in Elemental and 0 in the other speccs. Let’s see what I took.

This talent reduces the mana cost of all your offensive spells with 10% when filled in with the full 5 points. Because mana can be a big issue while levelling it’s wise to take this talent since it reduces the mana you use on average.
This talent increases the damage done by all your offensive spells by 5% when filled in with the full 5 points. This talent is quite useful because more damage on a mob means that mob will go down faster. This can result into the using less spells (which saves mana) or not getting hurt by the mob because you do more damage which results into not having to heal yourself and save mana that way.
Elemental Focus
Say you crit with Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Lava Burst, Flame Shock (only when applied, ticks don’t count!), Earth Shock or Frost shock, then you will enable this talent. Elemental Focus will reduce the mana cost of your next two spells (may they be offensive or healing) by 40%. This means that your next two Lightning Bolts won’t cost you 100 mana each, but 60 mana each (just an example :P). The higher you get in level, the higher your critchance gets and therefore the higher the chance is you activate this talent. Again this talent essentially helps you preserve more mana on your character so that you can use that mana to do other needed spells.

    As you can see, the first bit of this specc evolves around reducing mana costs of spells and increasing damage of spells. Especially the reducing mana is very important because mana is your best friend and you must cherish it. Whenever you are in a dire situation (say you’ve overpulled) you will be gratefull when your offensive spells cost less mana so that you can use that mana to keep yourself up. All the other talents that I didn’t pick are either totally worthless (Elemental Devastation enables increased crit chance on Melee attacks, not usefull for an Elemental shaman), are not yet good (Call of Flame increases damage by Lava Burst, take it when you have Lava Burst) or not quite handy while leveling (Elemental Warding might seem usefull, but you rather have reduced mana/improved damage, trust me).

    I would like to add two last notes.
    The first one being that this is MY opinion on how to specc while leveling. This does not have to be everyone else’s and you certainly do not have to follow every point I take. It’s just a guide.
    The second one is that this post is based upon the speccing system as it is now. Blizzard has announced major changes for Cataclysm. When the time is there I will make new speccing posts.

    For now, see you at the next speccing guide: Level 30!


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    1. I’m ready for Level 30!

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