Leveling from 20-30 and a 4th Shaman Quest

August 17, 2010 at 21:56 | Posted in Leveling | 2 Comments

Now that we’ve just dinged 20, we’ve got an all new array of spells and abilities. With the new Water Shield your mana suddenly becomes more manageable and Healing Stream Totem will keep you a bit more alive than normal. When you’ve hit level 20 there are still enough quests in the Southern Barrens to complete for you. However if you had it with the Barrens, you can always take a trip to Stonetalon Mountains or Ashenvale.
Stonetalon has some interesting quests, some that have to do with the Venture Co and their destroying of the forest. Others wish that you help them get rid of the Harpy Plague in the Charred Vale. One of the better chains is given to you by a bloodelf in Sun Rock Retreat. She requires you to head all the way up to Stonetalon peak to kill the Cenarion sons and daughters there, after that you’re required to steal items from the Barrow Den up there and in the end you get to kill a leader in Ashenvale. The questchain sends you running all through Stonetalon and Ashenvale but it’s worth it.

When you ding level 26 you get one of the most important totems for any shaman: Mana Spring. This totem is your MP5 totem and will keep your mana flowing a little easier. You will be using this totem till level 80, even in raids because it’s just that good. When resto specced it can even overwrite a paladin’s Blessing of Wisdom.
Around this same level you should’ve had almost all quests in the Barrens and Stonetalon completed and you can head out into multiple directions. I myself chose to quest in Thousand Needles. First of all because I’ve never quested there before, second of all because the Tauren lore there is quite amazing. The second reason was that in Cataclysm the entire zone will be underwater, so if you wanna see some of the old stuff, please go there. The quests aren’t hard and the zone isn’t huge so it should be doable. This zone will probably get you to level 30 and at level 30 you will get your last kind of totems. The Air Totems.

Gaining your Air Totems.
On level 30 you will get your last Totem quest from a Shaman trainer in any capital (my case Orgrimmar). And with the Water Totem chain in the back of my mind, I prepared for the worst. Actually, there was no need for that. The Horde Air Totem quest is so simple, it’s laughable. Your Shaman trainer will ask you to seek out a Shaman in Thousand Needles. When you talk to her you gain your Air Totems and a nice moving + attack speed buff. In the back of the cave where the Shaman is at, there is another NPC that will start an interesting questchain, which will eventually send you all around Azeroth.

See you on the way to 40!



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  2. I remember that feeling…”Oh great, another totem quest asdafljasdlfkhqoiuhiovqersdf”, only to get there and be like “Wow, really? Thanks, I guess”. 😛

    That movement buff was the shizz back in the day when you didn’t get a mount until level 40.

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