Speccing Your Shaman Guide: Level 30

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Hi and welcome to the second part of the Elemental Shaman Speccing Guide. Today I’ll be going over the Talents you will have when you are level 30. This is a continuation on the Level 20 guide so the first few talents are covered there. Let’s look at the Talent Tree at level 30 shall we?

The first talent you take after Elemental Focus is:

Elemental Fury

Elemental Fury takes the damage that a critical strike with one of your spells does and doubles it when you fill it up with the full 5 points. This means that if you crit with your lightning bolt it will not crit say 200 like it normally would but 400 due to a 100% damage bonus. Very nice to have when leveling since it allows for faster mob killing.
Eye of the Storm
Eye of the Storm allows you to cast your spells without losing much casttime when you take a hit from a mob. Normally when you are taking hits from mobs your casttime increases with 0.5 seconds. A lightning bolt which is normally a 2.5 second cast then suddenly takes 3 seconds to cast, add to that that everytime you get hit it will take 0.5 seconds longer. With this talent you reduce that increased casttime by 70%. This means that if you take hits you won’t cast 0.5 seconds longer but only 0.1 or 0.2 . This is very handy when you need to heal yourself without getting interrupted too much.
1 point in Call of Flame
Call of Flame is a talent you will eventually take full at higher levels, now however I’m spending one point in it to get to your level 30 talent, which is…
Call of Thunder
Call of Thunder increases the critical strike chance of your Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning and Thunderstorm by an additional 5% ontop of your normal critical strike rating. This means higher chances to crit with these abilities and therefore faster mob killing. Seeing as crits will probably take half the mob’s health in combination with Elemental Fury.

Well this was it for level 30. Stay tuned for the level 40 guide!


Leveling from 20-30 and a 4th Shaman Quest

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Now that we’ve just dinged 20, we’ve got an all new array of spells and abilities. With the new Water Shield your mana suddenly becomes more manageable and Healing Stream Totem will keep you a bit more alive than normal. When you’ve hit level 20 there are still enough quests in the Southern Barrens to complete for you. However if you had it with the Barrens, you can always take a trip to Stonetalon Mountains or Ashenvale.
Stonetalon has some interesting quests, some that have to do with the Venture Co and their destroying of the forest. Others wish that you help them get rid of the Harpy Plague in the Charred Vale. One of the better chains is given to you by a bloodelf in Sun Rock Retreat. She requires you to head all the way up to Stonetalon peak to kill the Cenarion sons and daughters there, after that you’re required to steal items from the Barrow Den up there and in the end you get to kill a leader in Ashenvale. The questchain sends you running all through Stonetalon and Ashenvale but it’s worth it.

When you ding level 26 you get one of the most important totems for any shaman: Mana Spring. This totem is your MP5 totem and will keep your mana flowing a little easier. You will be using this totem till level 80, even in raids because it’s just that good. When resto specced it can even overwrite a paladin’s Blessing of Wisdom.
Around this same level you should’ve had almost all quests in the Barrens and Stonetalon completed and you can head out into multiple directions. I myself chose to quest in Thousand Needles. First of all because I’ve never quested there before, second of all because the Tauren lore there is quite amazing. The second reason was that in Cataclysm the entire zone will be underwater, so if you wanna see some of the old stuff, please go there. The quests aren’t hard and the zone isn’t huge so it should be doable. This zone will probably get you to level 30 and at level 30 you will get your last kind of totems. The Air Totems.

Gaining your Air Totems.
On level 30 you will get your last Totem quest from a Shaman trainer in any capital (my case Orgrimmar). And with the Water Totem chain in the back of my mind, I prepared for the worst. Actually, there was no need for that. The Horde Air Totem quest is so simple, it’s laughable. Your Shaman trainer will ask you to seek out a Shaman in Thousand Needles. When you talk to her you gain your Air Totems and a nice moving + attack speed buff. In the back of the cave where the Shaman is at, there is another NPC that will start an interesting questchain, which will eventually send you all around Azeroth.

See you on the way to 40!

A New Theme

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After making a button to link to my other blog (instead of just putting down a link) I decided to change themes. I felt the theme wasn’t blue enough (aka to match my lovely blue WoWcentric button), that it didn’t give me what I wanted (no stripes between my buttons please, thank you!) and I would like to start out with fiddling around with Photoshop to make my own headers and buttons and stuff.

I know the new theme is really sleek and my (first if I might add :P) selfmade header isn’t OMG WOW IT’S AWESOME but for now it will do. Will probably make a new header when I’m more experienced using Photoshop, but the site feels a little more like me. Also when I picture a shaman, I picture blue. Anyway, enough ramblings. Hope you can live with my new theme and header. If not, no worries, you can always pick my blog up to read in a reader :>

Speccing Your Shaman Guide: Level 20

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Wow, long title is long o.O, it’s however the best way I could put it.
This being a levelling blog I can’t ofcourse just skip one of the most important aspects of playing your char. That is: Deciding what to specc and why. Due to the fact that we have recently reached level 20, I’m going to talk about the specc to choose for (yesyes) level 20.

As you may know, or may not know, this is an Elemental Shaman leveling blog so the specc I will be looking at is a levelling specc for ELEMENTAL. This means that the first point you spend (which you get at level 10) will be in the Elemental tree and all other points will for the most part be in the Elemental tree up untill about level 65-70ish.

Let’s get started shall we? 😀
When you press the “N” button on your character the talents tab will appear. The first time this talents tab will become available will be at leve 10. From then on you can put points in various talents that you want to obtain. You get one new point every level from level 10 on which gives you 71 points to spend at level 80. When you are leveling an Elemental Shaman you should ofcourse be spending your points in the Elemental Tree. And (like I said before) because we have officially landed at level 20, I’ll give some hints to what a specc at level 20 should look like. I will do the same at level 30,40,50,60,70 and finally 80 where I’ll also go into the best raiding specc. But first let’s start off with what your Elemental specc should look like around level 20.

This fragment is taken off the TalentCalculator you can find on the WoWarmory. As you can see the required level for that amount of points is level 20 and I have spent my points 11/0/0 which means 11 in Elemental and 0 in the other speccs. Let’s see what I took.

This talent reduces the mana cost of all your offensive spells with 10% when filled in with the full 5 points. Because mana can be a big issue while levelling it’s wise to take this talent since it reduces the mana you use on average.
This talent increases the damage done by all your offensive spells by 5% when filled in with the full 5 points. This talent is quite useful because more damage on a mob means that mob will go down faster. This can result into the using less spells (which saves mana) or not getting hurt by the mob because you do more damage which results into not having to heal yourself and save mana that way.
Elemental Focus
Say you crit with Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Lava Burst, Flame Shock (only when applied, ticks don’t count!), Earth Shock or Frost shock, then you will enable this talent. Elemental Focus will reduce the mana cost of your next two spells (may they be offensive or healing) by 40%. This means that your next two Lightning Bolts won’t cost you 100 mana each, but 60 mana each (just an example :P). The higher you get in level, the higher your critchance gets and therefore the higher the chance is you activate this talent. Again this talent essentially helps you preserve more mana on your character so that you can use that mana to do other needed spells.

    As you can see, the first bit of this specc evolves around reducing mana costs of spells and increasing damage of spells. Especially the reducing mana is very important because mana is your best friend and you must cherish it. Whenever you are in a dire situation (say you’ve overpulled) you will be gratefull when your offensive spells cost less mana so that you can use that mana to keep yourself up. All the other talents that I didn’t pick are either totally worthless (Elemental Devastation enables increased crit chance on Melee attacks, not usefull for an Elemental shaman), are not yet good (Call of Flame increases damage by Lava Burst, take it when you have Lava Burst) or not quite handy while leveling (Elemental Warding might seem usefull, but you rather have reduced mana/improved damage, trust me).

    I would like to add two last notes.
    The first one being that this is MY opinion on how to specc while leveling. This does not have to be everyone else’s and you certainly do not have to follow every point I take. It’s just a guide.
    The second one is that this post is based upon the speccing system as it is now. Blizzard has announced major changes for Cataclysm. When the time is there I will make new speccing posts.

    For now, see you at the next speccing guide: Level 30!

    Project: WoWCentric

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    As you might have noticed, a (not so) little button appeared on the right side of my Blog under the comment: You can find me at. This button will take you to the WoWCentric site. This site is brand new (as in so new that you still burn your fingers on it) and acts as a “portal” of sorts to blogs and podcasts related to WoW.

    The project was an initiative from the makers of Raidwarning Podcasts and their goal is to get a simple overview on what blogs and podcasts are out there concerning the World of Warcraft. All blogs are categorized under the subject which they refer to the most. This particular blog of mine is filed under Shaman Blogs, but if I ever decide to talk about PvPing on a Shaman it will fall under Shaman/PvP. If you want to find out precisely how it all works, by all means click my button to visit their site. If you have a blog of your own you can submit it through a mail to: raidwarningpodcast@gmail.com . Don’t forget to include what class/aspect of WoW your blog is about!

    Just a last minute warning. The site is still in it’s beta so some stuff is not working yet or not implemented yet. That said, I hope it will be a big succes (it probably will :>). Hope to see you soon on WoWCentric!

    Blizzchat Elemental Shaman Q&A

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    Last night was the Blizzard Developers Q&A in which they took questions of Class/Talent/Mastery’s in Cataclysm. Unfortunately there weren’t many Shaman questions and actually only 2 that regard Elemental Shamans. Funny enough the only real Elemental Focused question was actually from me o.o So here are the questions with Blizzards answers and my opinions on it.

    Q. With the new implemented Lava Surge, will Chain Lightning become useful for multiple mobs only?
    A. It always has had, and will continue to have, some niche use as a gap-filler against single targets when Lava Burst has around a second left on its cooldown. Lava Surge won’t always proc, but it’s likely to be more of a multi-target ability, yes.

    Well there has been some movies and rumours about the new Elemental Shaman rotation on the beta. I’m trying it out myself actually and from what I’ve noticed (like the rest) is that Chain Lightning has almost become obsolete in dealing with single targets so I decided to ask what Blizzard’s view on the use of Chain Lightning is. As seen above they still see it as a gap filler on single targets but do admit that it has more usability on Multiple targets then on single targets. I think that it will eventually become a “trash” spell only unless they nerf the procrate of Lava Surge which at the moment is quite high.

    Q. Are there any plans of making totems utility only (e.g. Earthbind, Grounding) and turning buff totems into auras or cast buffs?
    A. Not at this time. We’re aware of the concerns regarding the use of buff totems among some shaman, but the positional aspect is something that we consider inherent to the nature of totems. By increasing totem durations, consolidating some buff totems, and introducing the multi-drop totem spells in Wrath of the Lich King, we’ve attempted to mitigate as much of the inconvenience as possible, while preserving the core gameplay of paying attention to where totems are being dropped.

    I have to agree with the blue on this. Totems is essentially what makes a Shaman a Shaman. Removing the “buff” totems making them an aura takes the sparkle away from the Shaman-ness. So I like that they keep the Totems the way they are.

    Due to this being an Elemental blog I won’t go into the other questions about Enhancement or Resto shamans since I know fuckall about those speccs and it’s not really the main focus off this blog. Again remember, we’re only in the first month of the beta, lots of talents and abilities are likely to change and this Q&A maybe provides a nice insight in some stuff but it can change at any time.

    The quoted questions are copied of wow.com who have put them all nicely under their respective category.

    Shields, Shocks and Other Specials

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    Now that we have landed at level 20, there is a wider array of spells and abilities available to our newbie shaman. The third kind of totems (Water) are now under my control aswell as a new type of shield (Water Shield) and a new type of Shock (Frost Shock). You will also have your Ghost Wolf Form and 3 types of Weapon Enchants. Now how do all these things work? Let’s take a closer look at them.


    • Earth Shock: A shock that deals instant damage. Probably the most damage of all shocks. Consider this as finishing move. Is the target on low health and are your shocks available? Don’t hesitate to use Earth Shock. It deals enough damage to finish the target off without a cast time!
    • Flame Shock: The most important shock for an Elemental Shaman later on since it boosts Lava Burst. For lower levels use it after your first lightning bolt (or even before). It puts a DoT (Damage Over Time) on your target which ticks for nice amounts.
    • Frost Shock: A damage dealing slow. Think of it as a mechanism to slow a target that stands far away so you will have more time to cast spells on them. It’s also a very usefull tool if you want to kite a target away from a group, keep Frost Shocking it, it will come after you, and kill it while kiting it away.
    • Wind Shear: A shock that deals no damage but lowers your threat, and more importantly interrupts spellcasting. Seeing a healer casting a heal? Wind Shear and it will be interrupted. Same goes for nasty caster mobs or other players (like mages) who you want to interrupt.


    • Lightning Shield: The first Shield you’ve learned. It damages attackers when they attack you with a ranged or melee attack. Very nice, especially for Enhancement Shamans. You will use this as Elemental up untill level 20, after that Water Shield becomes more important.
    • Water Shield: The most important Shield for an Elemental Shaman. Water Shield summons 3 balls of water flowing around you and give you a number of mp5 (mana per 5 seconds), the first rank will give you 10 mana every 5 seconds. Whenever you’re hit by an attack, one of the balls will disappear and you will regain mana. This is a great way to manage your mana better as Elemental Shaman. Remember to keep the shield up tho! Bind the spell to an easy to reach button. I myself bound it to my 4th mousebutton which is under my thumb so that when the shield ends (or when you’ve ben hit 3 times and it disappears) I only have to click on that button and tadaa it’s back!

    Ghost Wolf
    Ghost Wolf is probably the only shapeshift next to Druid shapeshifts. It will give you a movement speed increase, but can only be used outside! Very nice to move around as when you don’t have a mount yet. After you’ve gotten your mount it’s still very usefull. When you overpull, just put down an Earthbind Totem, switch to Ghost Wolf form and run like hell. Even when the totem gets destroyed you have an advantage due to the movement speed increase Ghost Wolf provides you with. For PvP the form is also very nice since it allows you to carry the flag in Warsong Gulch and still outrun the poor creatures that do not posses a shapeshift.

    Elemental Weapons

    • Rockbiter Weapon: A Shaman only Weapon “enchant” which imbues your weapon with the essence of Earth. This enchant will increase the DPS on a Shaman’s weapon. Very usefull for Enhancement at lower levels. For Elemental, not so much, after all they don’t use their weapons for melee!
    • Flametongue Weapon: A Weapon Enchant that will increase the Shaman’s spellpower (and crit if you Glyph for it). This is the enchant where Elemental Shamans will go for. A spellpower increase means your spells will do more damage and more spelldamage is good!
    • Frostbrand Weapon: An enchant that imbues your weapon with Frost, slowing attackers when hit. This does require them to be actually get hit by the weapon, so again not so usefull for an Elemental Shaman since they cast spells.

    As you can see, even at level 20 a Shaman has plenty of spells and abilities to choose from. Some are viable for Enhancement, others for Elemental. All in all you have a nice array of abilities to be succesful in killing mobs. I hope the above gives a bit of an explanation how to use certain spells since having so much to choose from early on can get a little overwhelming. Cya on the journey to level 30!

    Leveling From 10-20 and a 3rd Shaman Quest

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    Now that you have obtained your Fire Totem it’s time to finish the last remaining quests in Durotar (or whatever starting area one is at) and make your way to a new area. In this case The Barrens. The Barrens are quite an ok area to level from 10-20 but starting there at level 12ish would be better since you will have some more survivability.
    Pick up every quest you can from the Crossroads and Ratchet and wherever they send you. Trust me, there’s enough to make you level up all the way to 20! Don’t forget to pick up the epic “Mankrik’s Wife” when you are leveling in the Barrens. As Draenei, just finish off Azuremyst and pick up everything there is on Bloodmyst, this will also get you to level 20ish. Also don’t forget to train your skills every two levels. A new rank Lightning Bolt will do more damage, but cost the same mana then a lower rank Lightning Bolt. (Ain’t that fun, Blizz made mana scale, but not ranks!).
    I can’t really make a guide to the Barrens, but try to do the quest in zones. As in finish the quests you’ve gotten in one zone, then move on to the next zone so that you won’t be running back and forth all the time.

    There are multiple milestones in leveling from level 10 to 20.

    • The first one will be right away on level 10: The Ability To Queue For Battlegrounds. Why do I write this in CAPITALS? Because battlegrounding is fun! Hella fun. Especially as Elemental Shaman on high levels (Eat my Lava Burst-Chain Lightning-Lightning Bolt 40k burst biatch!). And what way better to practice for that than low level battlegrounding? Not only will it give you decent XP everytime you cap the flag in Warsong Gulch (or even half a level when you manage to win), but it’s also fun to see people having to WALK and fight eachother than just mount up and run immediatly to the flagroom.
    • The second one is on level 16 when you gain Ghost Wolf form. This will allow you to transform into a Ghost Wolf (durrr!) and increases your movement speed by 40%, but it’s only usable outdoors. So you can forget about running insanely fast in a dungeon like Wailing Caverns or Ragefire Chasm… And speaking of Dungeons!
    • The next big milestone is one level before you get your Ghost Wolf, and that is that the Dungeon Finder unlocks (on level 15 that is, just for clarity :P). From now on you can queue for dungeons and thus gear up, get faster XP than normal leveling and get your low level taste of the LFG tool. Some groups will be extraordinary good, other’s disappointingly bad. The tank class you will see the most is a Druid, which aren’t really good aggro keepers so watch out while flinging those Lightning Bolts around! When you want a faster queue, you can always opt to queue as healer since as Elemental you can keep up decently with healing spells. And hell, it doesn’t matter on low level anyway. Anything that can heal will do.
    • The last big milestone is getting your 3rd shaman quest when you hit level 20. This quest is called “Call of Water” and will give you your Water Totems!

    Gaining your Water Totems
    If you’ve never been to hell and back, this quest will take you by surprise on the Horde side. It spans both continents and drives you crazy running around. I advise getting your mount before you start this quest because that will make it less painful.
    The quest starts at one of the various Shaman trainers found. You can pick it up in Durotar (Razor Hill) or Orgrimmar. My advice: pick it up in Orgrimmar and set your hearthstone there (if you haven’t alread

    y). Anyway, pick up the quest. This quest will send you to an NPC along the water’s edge under Ratchet, a tauren called Islen Waterseer. Easiest is just to swim down from ratchet untill you see a little camp with 2 taurens. You can turn in your quest at one of them. She will send you to a guy called Brine who is in the Southern part of the Barrens.  A picture of where the lady at the water is is to the right, she’s the !. Brine is the question mark.

    The guy called Brine will send you to get some water from different wells. The first one is near to him in the Barrens. The second one is in Tarren Mill in Hillsbrad Foothills. To get there you take the zeppelin from Orgrimmar to Undercity and then it’s a long walk down to Silverpine Forest and then to the right to Hillsbrad and Tarren Mill.
    My advice is to pick up the flightpaths in Undercity, Silverpine Forest and Tarren Mill so when you ever need to go there again you don’t have to walk all the way. After you’re done in Tarren Mill, hearthstone to Orgrimmar and deliver your quest. The next quest will send you to get water from the Ruins of Stardust in Ashenvale. Again this is a long walk up north, so make sure you bought your mount before going there! Will save you a lot of time.
    When you’re finally done getting all the water that is needed you will get a Vial of Purest Water which you need to take back to Islen Waterseer. She wil then send you to Silverpine Forest (taking the flightpath there now comes in handy!) where you have to get to the western coast, just left of the Sepulcher and defeat elementals to get their bracers. With the bracers and the pure water you can summon a “pure” water spirit. This pure water spirit will give you a shard of Water, bring that back to Islen Waterseer and you will have completed your questchain (at last!) and are now the proud owner of water totems!

    Gotta Love Shamans

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    So, as I mentioned on my other blog, my BF got into the Cataclysm beta. This means I can play too! And I chose to play a shaman :>

    I’ll still be doing my leveling blog, but every now and then I’ll do a post about Cataclysm shamans. The post will start with “An Exclusive Look” so if you’re not interested in spoilers, don’t read them!

    -x- Sassiej

    Using Totems While Leveling

    June 29, 2010 at 12:59 | Posted in Leveling | 7 Comments

    Totems, the most promiment feature of a Shaman. They are unique per class, in my opionion the Troll ones look awesome hihi.
    They give nice buffs, provide for some health and mana, summon Elementals to fight for you or make sure you can escape when you (accidentally?) overpulled to many mobs. Especially that last bit will help you get through the lower levels.

    Ideally, you should put your totems down all the time. They are just that usefull. However, on the lower levels, especially up to level 20 about, putting down Totems is (in my honest opinion) a waste of mana. Except for the Earthbind Totem which slows your attackers and therefore let’s you escape nasty things.
    When you are low level, your mana pool isn’t that big. Especially for all you folks leveling without leveling gear. Putting totems down every pull will drain your  mana faster than Cookiemonster can eat a bag of Chocolate Chip Cookies. Why then do you learn totems so early on? Because from about level 20 onwards, when you learn water totems and your water shield, it gets beneficial to put your totems down because you have the mana to support it. And from level 30 on you get an ability that will give you mana back when you resummon your totems. I will discuss that in more detail in the Leveling section tho.

    All in all, totems are a fun tool. When you’re leveling up to level 20 you have to think of them as lifesavers, used when you’re in dire trouble. From about level 20 on they become indispensable tools helping to get the best out of your shaman. And you must admit, they look hella funny no?

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